Pawlenty of Nuttin'
Street Theatre
May 5, 2009
State Capitol,
St. Paul, Minnesota
Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility (MnPR)—PawLenty for Us!—present Governor Tim Pawlenty with a Golden Bush Award
On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility(MnPR) presented Governor Tim Pawlenty with a Golden Bush Award in honor of his continuation of George W. Bush’s policies of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, not social services to families, children, the elderly or disabled.
It was a gala affair! MC Georgette Murdoch presided, with speeches by Mrs. I.M. Rich, Education Chair of MnPR, dripping in diamonds, of course, Falinda River, Transportation Chair of MnPR, who complemented her Christmas red hair with a red feather boa and dress and a red, white and blue hat), and M. Antoinette Sans Tete, Head (so to speak) of the MnPR Erase Entitlement Committee (in a che’ che’ lace-adorned dress, with pompadour. MC Georgette wore her straw sheriff’s hat with the red star and cowboy shirt in honor of George W.
The presentation ceremony took place on the Capitol steps in St. Paul. The Golden Bush was then taken to Governor Pawlenty’s Capitol office and formally presented by Mrs. I.M. Rich, where it will reside for posterity.
—Sue Ann Martinson
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment. Please allow time for images to load.
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Tim and his friends hanging out before the award ceremony.
M. Marie Antoinette San Tete, Dim Murphy, and Mrs. I.M. Rich chatting before the award ceremony.
Georgette Murdoch, Mistress of Ceremonies and PR Chair, MnPR.
Falinda River, Transportation Chair, MnPR, toasting Tim.
Mrs. Iva Lot O'Mooney listens to Georgette.
Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility Supporters. Can't children educate themselves? Can't people take care of their own roads? Put out their own fires? We thank the gov for his commitment to George W. Bush's policies of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.
Fran E. May, President, Foreclosures, Inc. "Hey, is this one heckuva time to be in the foreclosure business! We used to be in the mortgage industry, but you gotta go where the money is – and right now it’s foreclosures!!! Yes, many people have lost their jobs, but it is not government’s role to assist families! It is the government’s role to help businesses - Wall Street, banks, mortgage companies, corporations - not families!"
The AlliantACTION Singers with Tim.
Bill(ionaire) McGuire honors Tim.
Mrs. I.M. Rich, Education Chair of MnPR, " to thank our illustrious Governor for all he has done to emphasize the importance of personal responsibility... For years the state has assumed responsibility for education, but in today’s economy it is essential for others to step up to the plate... Educational needs are a luxury... And there are other sources of funds: bake sales, car washes—as American as apple pie."
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