Pawlenty of Nuttin'

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Dim Murphy, Corporate CEO, A Lie & Tech. "The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars—while they have caused millions of deaths—have been a boon for weapons-producing corporations. I’m proud to say we are a major producer of cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions. We benefit from the over $3 billion a week the U.S. spends on these wars, and we need to continue them to make even more money! And we are extremely grateful to him for the magnificent reductions in corporate and business taxes that he has promoted."
Dim Murphy praising tax cuts for corporations.
Falinda River, Transportation Chair, Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility presents the Gov with a "Golden Shovel".
Georgette, Falinda, and Fran toasting Tim.
M. Antoinette Sans-Tete, Head (so to speak), MnPR Erase Entitlement Committee, honors Tim.
Mrs. Iva Lot O'Mooney, Member, MnPR. "I am here to discuss the disgrace of health care in this state. Until we stop access to healthcare though those tax-payer supported socialist organizations like country hospitals and Minnesota Care, those deadbeats won’t realize they can’t get something for nothing! And... it encourages dependence on addictions, like prescription drugs—and all those visits to clinics for chemotherapy or dialysis. Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, has supported profit-based health care on the backs of the deadbeat poor. That is why we recognize him today with the Golden Bush award."
Tim Pawlenty poses with the Golden Bush Award.
Tim and his friends after he received the award.
Mrs. I.M. Rich leaving the Golden Bush Award in the Governor's Capitol office for posterity.
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