11 August 2002 Images page two

Barbara Howe, 26, of Gainesville, Fla. is the first to climb over the fence.

Delegation members Carrie Eikler and Megan Kennedy, watch in awe at the commitment of those risking arrest.

Betsy Lamb, 63, of Columbia, Md. climbs over the fence.

Columbus police do not respond to any actions taking place on federal property. SOAWatch obtained a permit to gather in the street. The city closed off Fort Benning Road from 11 PM the previous evening until we left around
2 PM the following afternoon.

Sean Donahue, 28, of Lawrence, Massachusetts is the last to enter the base.

The group is led away to be booked. They are released within two hours.

Delegation members sit at the line at Fort Benning and offer a prayer of hope and courage for the people of Colombia.

Final Blessing.

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