Independence from Nuclear Weapons
July 5, 2010
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future
Over 250 anti-
nuclear activists (power, weapons and uranium mining) gathered on the July 4th weekend at Maryville College outside Knoxville. They came to celebrate 30 years of the Nuclear Resister and Nukewatch. They also commemorated the first Plowshares Action which took place 30 years ago.
On Monday, following the two day conference, a vigil was held at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge. Culminating the vigil was a direct action to declare our independence from nuclear weapons in which 36 nonviolent activists were arrested. Thirteen on federal trespass charges and twenty-three on state charges for obstructing a roadway. The action at the Y-12 facility was organized by the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.
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LINKS to the Organizers:

Nuclear Resister, Arizona: online

Nukewatch, Wisconsin: online

Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, Tennessee:: online

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