Palestine Solidarity Coalition Demonstration:
Stop the Attacks! Cut Off U.S. Aid to Israel!
Summit and Snelling Avenues, St. Paul
June 30 2006
Using the capture of one of its soldiers as the pretext, the Israeli Occupation Forces launched a brutal assault on the entire population of Gaza on June 28 destroying the main power station in Gaza and bridges on the only major roads linking the northern and southern section of the region. The use of U.S. planes and other military goods against illegally occupied territories is a violation of both international and U.S. law. This is a deliberately created humanitarian disaster.
While much attention is paid to one captured Israeli soldier, no attention is paid to the 9,800 Palestinian political prisoners being held illegally (it is illegal for an occupying power to transfer prisoners from an occupied territory) under terrible conditions in Israeli prisons. At least 335 of these prisoners are children. Just two days ago the Israeli parliament gave the Shin Bet (the secret police) a green light for even greater torture of prisoners.
The Palestine Solidarity Coalition calls for: the immediate end to the U.S. supplied Israeli assault on Gaza; the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails; an end to all U.S. aid to Israel; an end to colonial occupation; and support for self-determination of the Palestinian people, including the right of return.
Sponsored by The Palestine Solidarity Coalition.
This is a visual representation of the event. It is not meant to be complete, but rather a glimpse of the moment.
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