Inside Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman's office in St. Paul.

End the War!
Bring the Troops Home Now!

June 9 2005
Requesting a meeting and threatening to not leave, Coleman's staff promises to have a meeting date set. One week later, Polly actually received a call...
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Part Two - INside Norm's Office
Polly Mann requests a meeting with the Senator at his convenience. She is told she would need to go through the proper procedure to request a meeting. This procedure is to write out a request indicating who you are and who you represent and several dates you are available. You then fax the letter to the Senator's scheduler. Since we do not hear back from the scheduler, we are not sure what happens after that.
One of the organizers, Erica Bouza, scolds Coleman's staff for not allowing access to the Senator. She is told the Senator has met with 'a peace group' in the past.
Polly states again that we have tried the 'scheduler' route in the past, but have never heard back.
At this point, Pepperwolf (left) states she is willing and prepared to wait, in the office, for the scheduler to make the appointment. She invites anyone interested to join her.
Polly shares she hasn't been arrested in a Senator's office since Durenberger, but would look forward to waiting.
This is the group that decided to wait for an appointment. They agree to leave on the promise "within a week" Coleman's staff would contact Polly with a meeting date. Seven days later they called with a date. Update in August.
Part One - OUTside Norm's office - click here

What YOU can do:
Tell Coleman to end the Occupation NOW!

Contact Senator Norm Coleman at:

2550 University Avenue West
Suite 100N
St. Paul, MN 55114

tel: 651-645-0323

fax: 651-645-3110

or email

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