End the Occupation - Bring the Troops Home
Vigil at the Peace Bridge April 14

IRAQ at the Boiling Point!

Over 200 people of peace vigiled on April 14 at the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge to End the Occupation and Say No to War.

The events sweeping Iraq in opposition to the U.S.-led occupation have led to the White House and Pentagon ordering an escalation of U.S. military action in Iraq. Hundreds of Iraqis have been killed. A large number of U.S. troops have also died. There is no let up in sight.

The U.S. war in Iraq was never about terrorism, weapons of mass destruction or democracy. The war was fought for control of the resources of the region. The Iraqi people want to regain control. The Iraqi people do not want the occupation, they have the right to self-determination without foreign interference.

• Need more info? Contact The Twin Cities Peace Campaign.

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