Weekly Peace Bridge Vigil.
Say No To War Against Iraq

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Organizers estimate 1,360 attend weekly anti-war peace vigil

Lake Street anti-war rally draws large crowd
By Bob von Sternberg
Star Tribune Jananuary 30, 2003

A weekly anti-war rally at the Lake St. Bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul drew hundreds of people Wednesday, far more than usual.

Protesters packed the sidewalks on both sides of the bridge for the 4:30 p.m. rally, snarling rush-hour traffic.

Participants attributed the turnout to two factors: events this week at the United Nations and in Washington, D.C., that suggest war may be drawing near and the presence of a BBC crew filming a documentary on the anti-war movement.

"We're out here because this is such an immoral war [and] an affront to all logic and reason, especially the idea that we have the right to launch a preemptive attack," said Scott Cramer of Minneapolis. "Today the turnout was unbelievable."

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