U of M Students Say No To War.


Anti-war rally on campus draws hundreds, blocks traffic
October 25, 2002

By Courtney Lewis

Approximately 250 students blocked traffic on Washington Avenue Southeast on Thursday afternoon during a march in opposition to a war on Iraq.

At the protests start approximately 400 students gathered on the steps of Northrop Auditorium. The rally continued down Washington Avenue Southeast and ended at Gateway alumni center.

Two University police officers walking with the crowd didn't move the group out of the street but told three students trying to stop traffic to stop or they would be arrested.

Protestors placed two cardboard coffins with pictures of Iraqi children taped to them outside the Army Recruitment office on Washington Avenue Southeast. Students Against War and Students for Justice in Palestine member Erika Zurawski said the coffins were meant to represent the people who will die if a war begins.
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Percussion for the rally.

Rap for Peace.

Nate Mittelstaedt, a student organizer for SAW.

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