National Day of Local Protest! 
No War on Iraq.

The Coalition Against the War and other Twin Cities area peace and anti-war groups held an anti-war demonstration on Saturday, March 30.

The event was organized under the call of "Say No to U.S. War Moves Against Iraq."

Over 20 people held signs and banners along Lyndale Ave. South, near Loring Park, in Minneapolis.

Signs included "Say No to U.S. War Moves Against Iraq," "Money for Housing Not for War," and "No New Targets."

Several people passing by stopped and joined the anti-war protest. One motorist stopped and gave a donation.

A statement issued by the coalition says in part, "President Bush has made clear that the U.S. government is preparing for a new war against Iraq. The Bush administration is using the events of September 11 as a blank check for war. A new war against Iraq will have nothing to do with fighting terrorism and everything to do with control of oil profits."

The statement goes on to say, "Iraq has already suffered through eleven years of sanctions and war. A new U.S. military campaign against Iraq will only increase the suffering of the Iraqi people."

For more information on upcoming anti-war events call Anti-War Committee at 612 879-7543 or Women Against Military Madness at 612 827-5364.

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