September 11 2002.
Some Justice and Peace Gatherings.

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Peace gatherings began at 7 AM in Edina outside Alliant Techsystems, the largest Minnesota based weapons contractor.

Rita McDonald, CSJ, begins the Alliant Vigil reading the Commitment to Practice Nonviolence. With her is Bill Barnett of Minneapolis.

Almost 50 people gathered. We asked who profits from war and who dies?

After the Alliant Vigil, some moved on to the Lake Street - Marshall Avenue Bridge Vigil for an all day fast. Pictured above is long time activist Ken Masters.

Loring Park in downtown Minneapolis at noon. Over 1,000 gathered seeking peace.

Phil Steger from the Friends for a Non-violent World spoke on his recent trip to Iraq.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, professor of Justice and Peace Studies at the University of St. Thomas speaks at the gathering.

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