Activist, writer and organizer Sue Ann Martinson (left) welcomes those attending the Committing to Peace Reading on behalf of the Powderhorn Writers Festival and Walker Community Church.
Committing to Peace conference organizer Pepperwolf (right) thanks the PWF and explains the plans for the next five days of a commitment to peace.
David Mura (left) is the author of two books of poetry and two memoirs. His plays and performance pieces venues have included Theater Mu, Pagea World Theater, Intermedia Arts, and the Walker Art Center. His book of literary criticism, "The Limits of Our Vision", is forthcoming.
Carol Masters (below) has been writing for 50 years. A collection of short stories, "The Peace Terrorist" was a Minnesota Voices winner and nominee for the Minnesota Book Award. Much of Carol's writing reflects the experiences of a community of peace and social change activists.
Polly Mann (left) is a peace and justice activist, a mother, grandmother, companion, a writer, an attendee of countless meetings, a mediocre gardener, and finally, "a person tremendously grateful for life and the wonderful people who have filled mine."
A collection, "Selected Poems 1956-1995" by Michael Dennis Browne (left) and "You Won't Remember This", won Minnesota Book Awards for poetry. His most recent work as a librettist is a church opera "The Three Hermits". He has just finished writing his first novel for children.
Poetry for the People (above), founded by Susu Jeffrey and Roy McBride, is a chorus of writers reading poetry with instrumental accompaniment.
A special fall preview by BareBones Productions (left). Founded in 1994, BareBones prides itself in being a puppet theater by and for the public.
Susu Jeffrey (left) has 30 civil disobedience arrests, three degrees, four books of poetry, and a newly released spoken word CD, "Mississippi Mother."
Carol Bly (right) is the author of "Letters from the Country", "Backbone" and "Changing the Bully Who Rules the World: Reading and Thinking About Ethics". Her latest book is the recently published "An Adolescent's Christmas 1944".
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Not pictured, but also reading:

Roy McBride has been reading, writing, and performing in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years. Married and living in Powderhorn, he has been a member of the Arts and Culture Committee of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association for 6 years and the co-coordinator of Powderhorn Writers Festival for 3 years. Lacinea Tyler McBride, age 2 and some, is the newest addition to the McBride saga.

Mildred Miller grew up in New Jersey and later worked in Washington, D.C. for the federal government and the Library of Congress. A retired special education teacher and a community and women's rights activist, she has lived in Powderhorn neighborhood for 50 years. Her book of poetry, "A World Split Open", was published in 1998 by Powderhorn Writers Festival.

Jeannie Piekos is a poet and community arts organizer. She is co-coordinator of the Powderhorn Writers Festival where she has responsibility for the Broadside Project and the SASE About Town reading series, as well as co-producer of WriteOn Radio on KFAI. Her writing accomplishments include First Place in the Minnesota Women's Press Poetry Contest, winner in the American Association of University Women's poetry contest, and publication in many literary publications. She lives in Powderhorn Park with her husband and three children.

Martha Roth is a Minneapolis writer and activist whose books include "Goodness" (Sisters Ink, 1994) and "Arousal, Bodies, and Pleasures" (Milkweed Editions, 1998).

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